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Failure of Can Be Done Ltd

ATOL No: 9330
Date of failure: 12.03.2020

Information on the failure of Can Be Done Ltd

Yacht on the sea

Can Be Done Ltd – ATOL 9330 ceased trading on 12 March 2020.

The company based in Edgware, traded under the name Can Be Done and website

Claim documents

We are currently collating information from the company and will be sending out claim forms. We apologise that we are unable to publish a claim form at this time.

Travel Agents Information

If you are a travel agent of Can Be Done Ltd, and you are currently holding consumer payments which you have not yet paid to Can Be Done Ltd, you are advised not to refund consumers with these funds until you have received instructions from the Air Travel Trust.  Travel agents will be individually contacted by the CAA with specific instructions for these bookings