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Protecting your travels

Travel is important. It’s a way to broaden your horizons, take a break from the stresses of everyday life and spend time with the ones that mean the most to you, even if that means some quality time by yourself. As with anything important, You will want to protect it.

The Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing scheme (ATOL) was introduced in 1973, when package holidays were beginning to take off. Since then, travel has changed in many ways and more of us than ever before are choosing to spend money on experiences abroad. Developments in the travel industry have made far-away places more accessible, allowing for travel companies to craft package holidays that suit every taste. Laying by the beach may be one person’s idea of heaven, while another’s may be trekking through the forest.

We want to protect them all.

The law requires UK-based travel companies to hold an ATOL. This means that the ATOL protected package holidays they sell will be financially secure.

What does atol protection mean?

ATOL requires travel companies to pay a fee for every passenger, which is held in the Air Travel Trust. If your holiday is ATOL protected and the travel company ceases to trade, you may find that parts of the holiday have not been paid for in full. This means that your flight tickets, accommodation bookings and more are no longer paid for. Using the money from this Trust, we are able to refund you for any financial loss or, for those currently abroad, provide assistance so you can continue your holiday. This includes

  • Guarantees for accommodation
  • Support for rebooking return flights
  • Reimbursement for the cost of replacing ATOL protected parts of your holiday

And, subject to the circumstances

  • Arrange repatriation flights

When you book an ATOL protected holiday, you will receive an ATOL certificate. It will show you who and what is covered, as well as providing guidance on what to do if your travel company ceases to trade. You should always keep a paper or digital copy of this saved while you are abroad.

Not all holidays are ATOL protected, so you should check before you book. You can find out if your travel company is an ATOL holder here.