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Protecting your family

We all love a good deal on a holiday – especially when you’ve got a family to pay for. But did you know that if your travel company isn’t ATOL protected you could lose money or be left stranded abroad if it goes under?

ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser’s Licence and by law every UK-based travel company that sells air holidays has to have one and issue an ATOL certificate as soon as customers pay any money towards their trip.

If an ATOL protected travel company goes under, the people who’ve booked holidays with it will be protected. That means you won’t lose your money and if you’re abroad at the time you’ll be flown home. So take your ATOL certificate with you and keep it handy – Just in case.

Not all holiday insurance covers travel firm collapse, so if you want your family break to be fully financially protected, check for ATOL protection BEFORE you book –and remember not all air holidays sold in the UK are ATOL protected.

It’s easy to find out if your travel company is ATOL protected.