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What's covered - and what's not

ATOL Protection applies to most overseas air holidays booked in the UK. This includes:

• flights and accommodation (including a cruise), or
• flights and car hire, or
• flights, accommodation and car hire, or

• flights booked with a travel company and you don’t get a valid airline ticket straightaway.

If you book part of your holiday with a travel company at different times, you may not be protected. You should book your travel arrangements within a day of each other to receive ATOL protection.

Be aware that not all travel companies offer ATOL protection.

Making sure you’re protected is simple: just follow the steps below.


CHECKDiagram Arrows

Prior to booking, check whether you will be ATOL protected with your travel company.


BOOKDiagram Arrows

Once you’ve checked your protection, book your holiday with no extra fuss.


RECEIVEDiagram Arrows

You should receive your ATOL certificate when you book your holiday.



Make sure you keep the certificate handy in case of emergencies.