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Your ATOL certificate

When you book an ATOL protected holiday, you must be given an ATOL certificate by your travel company as soon as you pay over any money for the holiday - even if it’s just a deposit. If you don't, ask why.

Your ATOL certificate is proof that the holiday you have booked is protected by the ATOL scheme. It will tell you:
• what’s protected
• who’s covered
• who is providing this protection
(the travel company’s name and ATOL number).

Your ATOL certificate will also tell you what to do if your travel company stops operating. 

There are three kinds of ATOL certificate: Flight-inclusive Package, Flight-Plus and ATOL Protected Flight Only. 

Click here to view examples of each type. Link

Keep your certificate somewhere safe!

Keep your ATOL certificate somewhere safe and make sure you have access to it on holiday, so you know how to make an ATOL claim if you need to. All three certificates carry important information that you must check and be aware of. See highlighted sections below.

It’s important to keep your policy details accessible. Whether you take a printout with you or keep a digital copy on your tablet, laptop or phone, make sure you keep this certificate handy in an emergency.

This section tells you what to do if something goes wrong, so it’s important to keep it handy.

This area explains what you are protected against. Read it carefully so that you’re aware of what is covered in advance of your travel company failing.

This section states the type of holiday or flight you have booked, which determines the certificate you receive: Package, Flight Plus or Flight Only. All three types of certificate carry the same essential information.

This section confirms the details of your booking, including the name of the person booking, dates of travel and the destination. Make sure you check that these details match your holiday or flight booking.

This section confirms your protection under ATOL and how to get more information.

This is your reference number. You will need to quote this in the event of an emergency.

This page provides space for more information. It will only be completed if the details of your booking won’t all fit on the front page. Group and complex bookings, for example, may well require the extra space on this page.

Make sure you check any details on this page just as you check those on the front page, to ensure that they match the details of your booking.

There are three kinds of ATOL certificate: Flight-inclusive Package, Flight-Plus and ATOL Protected Flight Only. 
Click here to view examples of each type. Link